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Thanks for visiting my Indie Creative Blog. This site has been created as a way for me to explore ideas about writing, art and music. Before beginning this blog, I spent over 20 years as a visual artist and teacher and over five years exploring jazz as a jazz vocalist. Now I’m on a mission to write about what I have done or what I’m doing now to help others live more productive, happier lives – hopefully helping you to save time and money too!

I started this blog as way of:

  • helping others who may be in a similar situation to the one (s) I’ve faced or am facing now.
  • writing about and sharing what I’ve learned/ what has helped me.
  • keeping in touch with others creatively, helping others keep abreast of my work and progress in these areas.
  • creating a space to show work I’ve done or am doing now.

My focus is creating content that you can enjoy and use or put into practice immediately. My aim at the moment is to post here once or twice a month.

My ultimate goal is to provide information, tips and techniques that improve,  creativity, productivity  and well-being.

My name is Sandra.

Based in London, U.K, in my spare time I learn jazz tunes, write short stories and have started writing my first novel.

Today I  edited this blog post and finally published it after months of thinking about it.I read some short stories a woman’s magazine to analyse the type of situations, characters and language used. I did some vocal practice to warm up and open my singing voice.

Improving your skills can help to boost your creativity.


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Re: World Book Day

Books………Books………. Books



Happy World Book day, dear readers. If you’re like me, then right now you’ll be in the middle of reading some good book or other.    Share your good fortune  by forwarding the title of the book you are reading,  whether you like it or not and perhaps a line or two explaining why to me here at Indie Creative, using the comments box below.


Look forward to hearing from you.




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